Wang Tong to enhance the effectiveness of GG AdWords advertising 6 Tips

know is not equal, the details determine the effect!

if your Adwords advertising effect is not good, the conversion rate is low, it is certainly not enough to set the details of your advertising settings. Here to share with you a few tips, you can bring two benefits:

significantly reduce the cost of Adwords advertising

greatly improve the conversion rate of Adwords advertising

One of

‘s tricks is to turn off the content network, or the content network individually priced

content flow through the network is very large, but the quality is very low, very uneconomical. So shut down this, at least can help you introduce more than 50% of the advertising costs, high and even save $90%. When I put the first time, advertising crazy consumption, then turned off the content network, advertising investment decreased by 90%.

skills two: put the country and regions to choose accurate

to do foreign trade should pay attention to the details, if you do foreign trade business network marketing, you do not have the choice of advertising in China show, so as to avoid your competitors malicious click on you. At the same time you can accurately according to their potential customers in the region, the precise choice of the country and the region, help to reduce costs, so that more accurate advertising.

skills of three, for the potential customers in the region, set the launch time

index of different time zones around the world, different work and rest, so your advertising display time according to your potential customers to set up, you can also reduce the cost of advertising. For example, some of my foreign trade projects Adwords advertising, all Sunday and Monday closed down. Because through the observation of the past, these two days is a number of countries in Europe and the United States on Saturday and Sunday, although the ad also has an effect, but the conversion rate is relatively low, so it is not set in the two day. Also, for the time of the day, you can also choose to set up, according to their own business and the characteristics of the target potential customers.

skills four, key words do not according to their imagination to choose


keyword is very important, so do not choose according to their own imagination, because you may be thinking habits and your customers are different, especially the foreign trade, the gap is more obvious. Therefore, the choice of keywords, we must choose the official residence of the precise keywords. Select keywords, we must through the keyword analysis tools, select a series of precise keywords. Remember, be careful.

keyword tool:

if you want to play some of the more advanced keyword tools, then you use Microsoft, I wrote a special article