Give some advice to the novice webmaster do Wangzhuan

how to make money online, many novice friends have pursued this question. Or ask how much you can earn a month, etc.. These questions are difficult to answer because of the reasons involved. Not that people tell you how much money he can make a month, you can also earn so much money to operate. There is a difference between man and man. So how to make money online. I’m here to share some ideas with you.

first, do Wangzhuan to plan your time, not to waste

began to do stand friends, like to stare at the site traffic statistics, and some even an hour to see. I can clearly tell you that this is a waste of your precious time, if the time spent in learning SEO knowledge, then your site traffic will be greatly improved. I suggest that traffic can be seen once a day, is around 10 in the evening. Many times we do Wangzhuan will feel the time is not enough, so we must seize the time, do something valuable.

second, the importance of empathy

some webmasters do Wangzhuan there for some time, but the effect is not obvious, this is why? Because they are not flexible.

for example, we all know that Google Adsense advertising, only high site traffic, will have a satisfactory income, many webmaster friends are waiting to hang advertising alliance website traffic, but traffic is not short-term can. Some owners give up halfway. My proposal is that the first IP from the Internet, they began to put on advertising, although this may not be profitable, but in this period of time, learning promotion and advertising optimization.

third, Wangzhuan is a long process, not to do

now there are many online tutorials and Wangzhuan forum, all kinds of new friends, the beginning is often confused, too many choices but don’t know what to do. In the smoke and mirrors for a period of time, some people will choose to give up, start telling behind all sorts of Wangzhuan not. I think the Internet should hold to a fear of the mentality of learning, each method is can be used for reference, a good method, careful to perform, to verify, even if finally found to be false, is the accumulation of experience. So don’t expect to see this Wangzhuan ebook, you can earn an income.

fourth, dedicated

as the saying goes, everything is equal to nothing, because you don’t have the best. Our energy is limited, so do not do anything, concentrate on a profitable project, such as income stability and then consider other.

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