Some personal views on the credibility crisis of Baidu Alliance

June 2008, this month for some members of the Baidu alliance, is a black June. Their mood, and possible entrance students like diluo. After all, the reason is nothing more than the Baidu alliance this month on some of the excessive means of membership.

I have read some of the posts, a scolding, have to sue, also said that Baidu is to find the reason…

These members of the

postings, basically identical, 1, Baidu alliance did not send money. 2, title. This is not discussed, Baidu K number in the industry has been an indisputable fact, too lazy to discuss and do not want to discuss.


I don’t know how much money Baidu buckle them, but I think, no matter how much, it is hard to work hard for a month. 15, they see the other members get paid, but no one, how do you feel, do Wangzhuan people are clear.

we all know, Baidu alliance 1 monthly settlement information concurrent settlement letter. For the past, sent a letter of settlement account, the number 15 basically get paid. But this month, Baidu alliance started Baidu uncharacteristically, the settlement was a major disaster is an indisputable fact!! then it was said that the Dragon Boat Festival postponed settlement, and then advance the money, then in addition to the settlement letter also do not give money… I don’t know what Baidu is doing this time. I don’t know how much this Baidu buckle member of the Commission, so you don’t have any reason to withhold the webmaster of money, this will inevitably result in members of the Alliance for the credit crisis, in the course of time, your Baidu although large, but out of these members, you will naturally become a guanggansiling. In this matter I also asked some webmaster, they also said in the background to the Baidu feedback, but Baidu’s explanation is: Hello, due to the serious cheating was split authority members closed, will receive messages sent to inform the alliance, the Commission has clearly stated in the notice. Enclosed please find。

But the

webmaster asked: closed account member for serious cheating, withholding is naturally produced by the Commission this month, and no relation to a month… Then, for this question, Baidu is not to mention mollified, use silence to answer questions from members.

said this, I can not speak, Baidu ah, for the credibility of the crisis, I personally see, is entirely caused by Baidu. Your own rules, then you also to break this rule, which is tantamount to self defeating, its consequences, nature is a foolish step, I believe that a person’s voice may be small, however, ten, one hundred, one thousand such sounds, you can Baidu such disregard for