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in 2001, a group from the Sino US Internet elite, using the United States < < > > connection; magazine editor Chris Anderson. The "long tail" theory and China "ceremony" the perfect combination of e-commerce to create a real sense of the situation with China gifts platform.


Li Yi Long unique gift expert positioning, to make up for today’s market is a major basic vacancy. Chinese "tradition, with due respect and promote the stable" harmonious society and development. And the ceremony to meet China’s unique cultural background, combined with the world’s most effective ceremony. In the gift and service on the accurate positioning, for the majority of users to provide an excellent and convenient platform for gifts.

– date: 2008.01.21–2008.02.09

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– Check: check the

week periodThe

data return mechanism: real-time return

– successfully guided a valid registration: 2.5 yuan

– liyi99: Member registration to complete all the registration process does not need to mail mobile phone activation and validation. Valid registration;


long ceremony intended gifts in order to send to each member feedback: a valid email address registered members of a $20 electronic voucher.



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