Pay 1500 yuan training fees but let me know what is called Wangzhuan

today saw the inMay on the training post, a lot of emotion. Want to come home for 4 years, has been diving Amoy things without what contribution, today I put this four years of Wangzhuan road to summarize, I hope a little inspiration to find friends are still in the dark.

I began to contact Wangzhuan from 04, and stay at home online. Begin to see here to discuss a master Wangzhuan topic, see people say today also received a number of how many knife knife, the heart envy ah. From the beginning, set foot on this difficult path of wangzhuan.

, like many people, I started getting emails and surfing. Remember that there is a tool, called PE, automatic point of mail, to see after very excited, their calculations, registered hundreds of mail stations, using tools to run, do not pull off the line also earn a lot ah. At that time some devoted senior standing mail site, for example, Wangzhuan archives, international Wangzhuan Wangzhuan, pioneer, pioneer and so on the network to make money. Hard all mail stations are registered every day, with the PE run, every day looking at a little increase on account of money and joy. At that time enough silly, think as long as the money on the account, the webmaster must pay. Until one day, received a letter from the mail station: "you guys cheat don’t I know? Tell you what your cheating tool, PE, my dream you are thoroughly studied, see your account money now, you will have a surprise. Haha". That’s probably what it means. So hurry to the account on a look, days, -2000 dollars. So many days of hard work in vain, and later also played for a while the network marketing nature of things, and now in the nearly. Even to the home network post people. The result was a friend of the family swore, settle a matter by leaving it unsettled, did not earn a penny.

later, a master told me (or network home), can be used to do search ah. In the dark and found a way, so hard research, operation, and finally smooth operation, began to receive a knife. He figured, get up Wangzhuan three months, only to earn less than $10. It’s too far from my expectations. So he began to learn to register to make money, busy collecting tools every day, registered offer, often more than and 10 hours away from the computer. In the meantime, I learned some super simple and naive cheating methods. Not bad, but the income has improved. But even the meal, the smoke is not enough money.

is said to be an expert in some good times don’t last long, invented a search station what procedures, or what other reasons, a doomed search station. Not long after, people can register a registered project is also a sharp reduction. Directly leads to my income. I have to find another way.

during this period, in a place called China webmaster and Advertising Forum, see some so-called earn million thousand knives, knife expert. At that time mongolia. The original Wangzhuan can also engage ah. Did not see two days, did not hesitate to pay the 15>