On the sustainable development of Taobao

in 2009, when Ma made a Ali mother alliance, which is now the predecessor of Taobao alliance. This initiative is to imitate the foreign EBAY, amazon. At that time because it is to avoid Baidu search engine crawl Taobao data, because at that time, Baidu also has a B2C: Yes, but once the shield Baidu traffic chiefs, traffic is naturally a lot of decline. So, Ma will think of leveraging, borrow promotion China thousands on thousands of Adsense on traffic and a great

!09 years when

came out, many people do not buy it! Because the owners are used to CPC, CPA to the money fast way to make money. The CPS of this model in their view, money is slow, and unlike CPC, CPM this model, people will make money, while others will have to buy CPS must face this Commission, factors can not be measured at home, many webmaster do not dare to do! And do not optimistic about this model, in fact. CPS in China has been, such as dangdang.com etc.. But you do not do not mean that others will not do, the first batch of Taobao customers began in Ali mother’s gold rush……

to 09 years in the second half of the year, the first batch of Ali mother Alliance Gold surprises: the original CPS than traditional advertising alliance earn several times, a lot of income has reached more than 3000, some even reach the million level! For a time, the news spread like a virus, a large number of the small owners influx, even some large Internet companies into 2010,! Should be said that the Taobao union comprehensive hot year, Taobao union registered amount from 09 years to about 200000, reaching millions!!! For ordinary people, personally think that 2010 is a year for the Taobao, Chinese webmaster in 2010, Taobao is a guest of the year!

in 2011 continued the popularity of Taobao, but at the same time more and more problems exposed:

1, the seller suddenly change and the rate of commission! Taobao Alliance for this apparently did not expect, so do the guest of Taobao has brought huge losses, until later, Taobao alliance to rule change over: 15 days after the Commission set change before the entry into force of the


2, the seller transfer link, originally the customer is going to buy this baby, but the seller gave another customer did not participate in the promotion of the same baby! The deceitful despicable!

3, in the baby details page too much to show other baby, which also greatly reduces the revenue of Taobao customers!

I have been thinking about such a question: why is this situation in the country, but rarely in foreign cases. Foreign EBAY alliance and AMAZON alliance, I have done, there is little such a situation. Later, I just want to understand: the cultural heritage of people or from