Do Taobao best holiday promotion methods techniques

1, the best holiday promotions.

promotion article title and positioning

‘s strategy for advertising: to make the people who need it the most, not just the people. First of all, you want to buy things he will go to search what, such as Tanabata festival. By the way, Tanabata Festival to send what gift, which may be the most popular search keywords. For the selected keyword, generally take two approaches: one is standing in the customer’s point of view to think he will search what, second more scientific point, check the relevant keywords Baidu search, let users search habits to give me advice.

promotional articles content organization

title and positioning of the right, I was so organized: two choices, either a very professional shopping guide, the organization of professional materials. Let others think you are very professional, and then believe you; or is a very casual recommendation, would like to write their own diary to tell others that you bought something, where to buy, not bad.

2, the most simple promotion method

in general, now the "L" group or more "fire eye", and implicit advertisements could not escape the fate of being deleted. This may be a lot of Taobao and Taobao customers shopkeeper worried. Many advertisers will choose in each forum in the hottest area, in fact, the "fire" is not what we need most, each city local forum version of most group purchase development is very good, relatively good as the 19 floor, long lane and so on. Every day these plates have a large number of people in need of "shopping", you can put their products to buy or other forms in these sections. According to my observation, this promotion is very direct and effective, and as long as the card is not illegal, it will not be deleted.

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