Visitors Fashion Association reminds the parties shall integrity first avoid disputes

Barter, Jieshengjishi era has become history, but now, many users will barter the commodity exchange way back to modern life, "visitors" become one of synonymous with fashion and popular this year.

        barter busy

        "visitors", is barter, they rely on the network carrier will own the items out for other items. This is not equivalent to barter exchange as the main principle, but according to individual needs, things built on both sides on a voluntary basis exchange. Recently more popular online website (  

        after the Spring Festival, many people began to disposal at home idle special purchases for the Spring Festival. These things became "the most popular goods trade between. The barter sites have to buy special purchases for the Spring Festival open area.

        a student at Hebei Normal University, network called "windward" netizens will drink wine, peanut oil, etc. on the site of special purchases for the Spring Festival purchase platform. He said in the message: the new year to buy more, for the fruit to eat."

        in a website to buy platform, clothing, cosmetics, jewelry, antiques, etc. all kinds of digital mobile phone, shopping for a superb collection of beautiful things, everything. The statistics show that at present, the number of visitors only registered here has 7122 people, the total reached 5625 for goods.

        a member of the provincial capital, known as "hero", has now been exchanged many times. He said: "those useless things at home too much pressure on the place, throwing a pity; sell it, but also can not find a buyer. When the passengers, in exchange for their love of things with these things, very cost-effective." He said that now online shopping has become a fun for him.

        at present, the city "visitors" are mainly concentrated in the age of 18 to 30 years old, the students also have the workers, the users of consumer desire is strong, easy to accept new things, but also restricted by economic conditions to meet the demand in the premise of not spending money. In the online exchange their unused items.

        skill exchange also fashion

        "I am interested in Japanese, thanks to a Japanese friend as a teacher, in return, I was playing the guitar, is willing to selfless class, to speed the thread." Look at the beginning of this post, let people confused, reporters after.