Promote the advantages and disadvantages of the use of Taobao news media products

many people know, in order to improve the site outside the chain of severe or the right method would be adopted to release the soft in the news media sites, but the news media sites are required to pay the press, such as Sina, NetEase, China daily, the central broadcasting network etc.. If you want to publish these soft, find a special soft agent agency or studio release, as long as the soft Wen written, no violation of the link, after the payment is generally no big problem. And there is a kind of webmaster will directly use the news site of soft Wen to release Taobao guest products, careful people should have been found, take a look at the picture below, look at these Adsense is how to use the news site to promote.

news site due to the high weight of innate, as long as the release of the title of the article over reasonable words, usually in the search engine page is very easy, of course, his appearance is mainly related to the recommended news. Here we come to understand the use of the news to promote the advantages of Taobao soft guest:

1, the weight value is high, basically can appear in the home, do not have to finish the hard site, then do website promotion and spend a lot of time and energy.

2, in the relevant news recommendation, the purchase of consumers have a certain guide, increase trust, improve conversion.

3, can quickly occupy the long tail keywords field, involving a wide range.

use of the news to promote the advantages of Taobao soft client:

1, this kind of soft Wen is usually based on news site scale, according to the article to billing, so you need to have a certain economic base station, although not the price of each soft Wen can not accept, but the long-term every day according to plan release, still need no small cost.

Related news recommended

2, Baidu search in real time, or if someone also issued a related theme in other news sites, you will be the original soft top down, or by higher weight site news instead, otherwise called news recommendation.

3, Baidu search in the news is related to the time, generally about 3~4 days will not appear in the search rankings, but will remain in the news search.

now the development of the search engine is a comprehensive search, careful webmaster should be found in the search for each word, in search results, in addition to a separate site, there will be a search engine news recommendation, and even the video images in various forms, sometimes take advantage of this trend can be very good to get the flow and transformation of higher quality rate. Is a kind of method of soft news site by Taobao customer said above, this method mainly depends on what There are both advantages and disadvantages., or, if it is about the short-term profit, have a certain economic capacity, can be directly considered soft, but not limited to Taobao customers, and even promote enterprise products are possible, this mode of thinking a bit similar to the direct use of Baidu, Google bidding do profiteering product promotion. < >