Online conversion rate electricity supplier new ideas

sword of God and the teacher as in the past we exchange some of store operations some of the points on a share is about micro-blog marketing idea, today we are more concerned about the online conversion of talk about the problem of how to profit.

teacher in the sword of God for 08 years has been the beginning of the shop, the shop is done before the data of obsession, the facade of the business day, etc. customers can not know what time of the day the customer more, what time less, since Taobao shop, found that the data inside can see every person browsing the shop whereabouts, and very convenient to optimize my shop, so improve the conversion rate on accumulated some own views, first of all, we look at such a principle:

sales = flow x conversion x customer price

this principle reveals Taobao shop profit rule, it is from the Taobao store involves promotion, performance appraisal, job information, operational planning and many other links extracted from inside, so as long as you are as Taobao store dispensers, you have to try these indicators.

then from the principle above, when the flow and price in the case of constant conversion rate determines the final shop turnover, conversion rate, most people simply put him into understanding, when 100 people to your shop browsing time, ultimately because so many people under your page the order, in fact the conversion rate covers many aspects we just mentioned, such as the conversion rate of customer service consulting, flow transaction conversion rate and so on, every process means we need to optimize the place to a certain point, then through the real data analysis, it can be more accurately more optimization system on the shop, then the sword of God teacher specifically about the specific methods of Optimization:

first step: shop display conversion

we often do some advertising, and some do pay show on Taobao, a big show level, does not mean that no click, click also means no flow, so how to display, how to get the click, we need to make adjustments in the following aspects, such as search rankings, headline attraction, main picture quality recently, the price advantage, turnover, promotional activities, Wang Wang state, baby seat, shop type, shopping security. In fact, when you see these indicators, you will find that the content is actually the customer can see all the information on the Taobao page.

main ideas:

1, optimize the title of the baby, to maintain the title of the relationship with the customer keyword, hot words to improve the operation of the baby Bei search possibilities.

2, imitate the image of the big seller, enhance the user experience

3, the price comparison with the seller, choose a moderate price

4, increase store online time, rich consumer >