07 years of personal stand out of the way the construction of local characteristics of the site thr

          read a lot of personal integrated station, the interface is very atmospheric, hundreds of columns, seems to want to do Sina second. But the concept of micro content, but found that it is copied from other stations over; access to its statistics, but also found that only one day from the search engine to find a few people. Without language, or no language.

      person to run large and complete content, to do a nationwide station, does not have any resources, capital and human resources, on the contrary, if join the local characteristics of the site, the king will be hidden but beautiful spot.

      compared to the national integrated station, the local characteristics of the site has three advantages. Content advantage. Local characteristics of the site, based on local content. It’s all about you, so you can see it more intuitively and vividly. Two is to promote advantages. Local characteristics of the site, to a specific area. In this particular geographical scope of promotion, the promotion cost is far less than the national scope. Posters, organizing rallies, PR local news media are easy to control low cutting effect and obvious propaganda way. Three is the dip advantage. Local characteristics of the site, the local residents are involved in things around. Where to open a new Hot pot shop, where the food is best to eat, where to sell the price is good, local residents talked about things. With the interaction between visitors, the site will greatly enhance the stickiness. Four profit advantage. Strong site interaction, the popularity of goods up, careful businesses will not miss you. As a prominent advertising recommendation, a good guide, to bring his is gold and silver 100.

      Ctrip Ctrip launched the website is also worth learning to build local characteristics of the site. If we can establish partnerships with local businesses (such as some of the characteristics of your site as they bring their customers, for you to the station with the implementation of consumer, customer discount) then you will gain popularity while for other business cooperation costs.