The most effective way to apply for GG Adsense

by the end of 2007, Google implemented a new account audit policy, from then on, apply Google Adsense becomes very difficult. Now apply for Google Adsense account, you need to meet 4 conditions.

1 domain name. No longer support Sina blog, such as free, non independent web site application.

2 rich in content.

3 domain name registration time more than 6 months.

4 domain information and Adsense account information the same.

more than 4 conditions, refers to the use of independent web site applications, in addition, can also be through a number of third party sites (also known as GG cooperation website) to apply for Adsense account. Through the GG website to apply, you only need to meet second conditions, that is, the requirements of the site (or blog) rich content.

so, in which GG cooperation site to apply for Adsense account?

below to introduce several well-known, the success rate is relatively high by the user site.


simplified Chinese interface, the site does not deduct commission.

what is the cooperation site royalty: A: if you apply Adsense through the GG website, some of the cooperation will be extracted from your website 10-20%

this is Google’s own blog site, through this site to apply for a blog, build a blog, the content will be more abundant, and then apply for Adsense account, the success rate is very high.

, however, in the application of in the blog, sometimes can not visit in the country, you can try.


pure English website, suitable for friends to understand the use of English, the site does not cooperate royalty.

this foreign website, is a web site for the release of video, pictures, blogs, friends and entertainment, and support in the release of the video, pictures, blog display Google Adsense advertising. Even better, when applying to become a member of this site, you can apply directly to join the Google adsense. After the application is successful, the code is automatically arranged around your blog, video, photos, no manual settings. Of course, you can also put the code on your other sites.

application method brief introduction

into the, click Sign Up, registered as a member, after the registration is successful, it will be prompted to register Google Adsense, according to the prompts to register Google adsense>