spent half a month in A5 earned 2450 yuan experience sharing

has done more than half a year before the time sold. And earn some money in the A5 domain name daoteng. Recently in the forum to see a few friends in the site to sell the place to sell the station to sell for more than a month has been, can not help but sigh. Sell the station to sell the station, the value of how much to sell, do not blind bid price, others are not fools. Let me tell you how to make so much money. Put the

out of Alipay’s comments

just started to do a game station, just began to search engines do not like my station, the patient slowly raise the station, then the weight came up, there are some problems in time and space, but also down the right. The less after flow more, the daily average is about 2000 around the holidays when a little more. By July, when the money should be made, I feel too tired to do it, and then sell the station in the forum information. Sell the station to send 2G high-speed telecommunications space in my mind began to sell 3000 of the budget, the summer vacation to buy back to earn a month is not a problem, then think about it, I am sincere to sell the station, on the point of. Post direct standard 2500, accept small cut. I still a lot of people, but the more outrageous bargain. One even asked me to sell 500, immediately pull the black. Pit father! And then there is a buddy add me to buy a domain name, buy a domain name alone 1000 yuan, although very tempting, but from my target price gap is too big, did not sell. Wait until the afternoon when someone and I said just to buy the domain name 1500, I was excited and confused, my general domain name that 917yx (go game) why have such a high price? Die grinding grind the turnover of 1600 yuan, I bought the domain name alone. At that time seems to be flying intermediary.

after a few days I have thought to put in the hands of another station sold every day from the pure volume, Baidu hundred, there are more than a week hasn’t updated. But snapshots every day, the site is still good weight. Also in the A5 post sell stand, the black is a large, cut away, asked to withdraw more people go. Later, the last time I bought the domain name of the man directly bought my domain name 500 traded. Every time I buy a domain name, and the sale of generous, I am very confused, the original is to do the SF. No wonder so generous…..

once he asked me how to transfer the domain name in GoDaddy, he let me help him remotely. I took so many domains into his account. The first one is the second domain name I sold him. I’m just going to help him, he said that this does not turn, turn the domain name, to help him after the operation, he suddenly sent a message that I sell the domain name he don’t ask me, or my account number to him, he gave me the transfer. I sent him in a hurry, he really transferred to me. Excited ing… Because in A5 we will be able to.

immediately open posts in the forum selling domain name + data. I want the price is not high 350 yuan. Ip+ the absolute value of the domain name of this money, after the baptism of black, there is a man called me directly to the intermediary to trade. This is a shrimp