T entered the professional website where the road to explore the long lost alchemy

In the future to maintain long-term vitality of each IT professional website, have to find their own alchemy furnace

of the Internet bubble in 90s, has spawned numerous network life. In the complex web site, IT professional website is the longest surviving prehistoric animals group. Now, this website has over 10000, can be said to be an overgrown forest.

them, really strong has There is not much left. The survivors are trying to find a way to survive. In 2005, with the invasion of foreign investment, their survival is increasingly fierce competition. A few visionary pioneers IT professional website, have begun to ask Dan Road, set up the alchemy furnace, find a way to survive the ever-young.

the core value, that is the characteristic. But in the operation of many IT professional website, this problem has been ignored.

kept website or go bankrupt. Survive, only those who have the characteristics of the leader. Now open the IT professional website, including relatively little known, such as pole, San, ZDnet, PChome.net, IT168, IT world net, you will find that they have too much in common.

for plagiarism, IT168 CEO website "IT" Time Yuguo Gong accept interview said: "learn from the Internet is the power of enterprise and progress, but the overall cloning of our entire working group lost innovation enthusiasm." The IT168 website is updated daily original manuscript hundreds of articles, each year for the payment of the original article paid nearly 2 million yuan. But let him helpless is that a large number of IT168 information was copied, and some sites are not only indicate the source, and even replace the author’s name as their exclusive original article published.