A college student Wangzhuan trip

I am a college student, with shortened the time of graduation, I became more and more afraid to go out, because the graduation run around here and there looking for work, now the students are working hard to find, let alone these small potatoes. Another reason is that my parents did not give me a good family background, but also did not give me a good appearance, but not a smart head, I have been inferior to almost two gates do not step. I heard that you can make money on the Internet, I also bought a more than 1 thousand point computer stay at home, day and night.

started to shop in Taobao, released on the Internet for some information, said to do product agent, then a silver manufacturers responsible person do contact me, call my agent and their products. I see their company’s products, products that OK, relatively new, wanted to talk to them that website customer contact, but this person said only contact with him, I asked for a long time, say he was hesitant, he also want to earn extra money, take commission. Well, I can understand that, after all, anyone wants to make more money. So, my Taobao store opened the rash and too much in haste. However, no one cares for half a month. I went to the other shop around, only to find someone else’s selling price is much lower than me, or even times, depressed, I have a low price to earn, this person gave me the wholesale price is too high, he did not have money. Consult with suppliers in case of no avail, I had to shut the shop.

with grievances on the Internet around, inadvertently see a: "a primary school graduation webmaster play Wangzhuan" article. Remember what is the "Yiwu net" see, see immediately feel confident, you thought a woman only primary school can play, I cannot be a milord? So hurriedly with her QQ. But added N times have no echo. Second days want to add, forget her QQ. Have the title to search. Unexpectedly, the search to the A5. Not ah, will not be fake? A look: the time is July 8th, I saw in July 13th in Yiwu, that is to say this is the first original work, and she is here keep this information for 88la8.com and other information. I went straight to her forum and left her a message. I did not expect her to contact me soon, I told her that she did not understand anything, the forum is also built up software.

              also, a woman only graduated from primary school to do what? I was very depressed, casually asked, there is no other Wangzhuan good introduction. She said yes, she introduced me to the polls. She said that wages are paid on a daily basis. I immediately registered an account, start working immediately. The second day early in the morning, and can’t wait to see the Alipay account. But look, my heart sank, no! I into the polling company website, looking for customer service, no response. See yourself in the account really rich