mprove Google Adsense unit price channel article

      Google Adsense to increase the price of a lot of ways, there is a legitimate cheating, there are short-term effects of a long maintained, there are simple and complex. I cheat on the violation of the rules and methods have always been very cold, all of the methods mentioned here are fully consistent with the Google Adsense clause, and can effectively for a long time, except of course Google adjustment calculation rules.

      in fact, at the Google Adsense in the system by a great many factors affect, as search engine optimization, many factors determine the site in the search engine results in the rankings, and any individual optimization will have its independent effect, now I want to say is the channel.

      the relationship between the channel and the price is very subtle, although not generally between channels of influence each other, but in the actual delivery process we can easily observe mutual influence between the channels.

      different channels of the same site

      different channels of the same site are different columns or different pages of the same site, ECPM low channel will affect the overall effect. If you set up a number of channels for a site, so please stop in those quite low ECPM channels, such channels are usually very much, very poor or delayed.

      different site channel

      different site interaction channels in addition to price, other than advertising, price effects of different sites and different channels of the same site channel is similar to that of the lower channel will affect the high channel, so some sites do not put the effect of poor advice or delayed delivery. The matching effect refers to the account, advertising will be affected by the main channel, for example, you put the longest maximum flow site is car site, when the account advertisements appear in the sales of fruit station will appear on the car advertisement, this match is very difficult to obtain high price, this effect needs to be improved Google to avoid.

      problem channel

      don’t advertise in the problem channel. The main channels of the problem, including illegal content site, there are malicious code of the web page, the site of the copyright material, more importantly, has been stopped account site.

      some of the previous cases should be easier to understand, because such a site is harmful to visitors, Google from >