Google Adsense authentication to Wangzhuan under set

Hello, it’s me again, "the post office professional PIN (QQ:1009738739)" advertising on the GG, I have been in front of several articles give us a lot of high quality advice and proposal, should clearly believe that read the article, I said is a substantial problem, and I run the business GG application, PIN collection, with all Western Union is related with GG business. So today to talk about the details of the Google Adsense authentication is to the majority of the webmaster Wangzhuan what set of


a lot of occupation do the most difficult thing for GG is PIN, the address of the remote mail time is slow, not to provide information, is not responsible for lost items, the majority of owners are very helpless, I am responsible for the post, can tell you that we are equal to any mail, so don’t post fault duty here. Back to the topic, why the identity authentication is a set of? Many webmaster think, GG identity authentication information is very convenient webmaster things, of course is for formal personal webmaster, indeed, but the face of the huge GG Wangzhuan cheating, not necessarily, said the following identity authentication is why a set of.

as everyone knows everyone has only one ID number, a number of GG, then cheaters must use multiple ID number, and many cheaters are the same name to submit accounts and identity authentication information, so as to give you GG to cheat K provides convenient, as long as the hit ID number repeated. Will K. Then you can ask, I find the application to apply, they provide my ID number, and is a number one, here, may indeed have such expert, but I personally think that most are actually using only the identity card number and name of duplicate submission, in accordance with the I am now the business volume calculation, I one day to apply for the number is estimated at about 10-30, then a month a conservative is 300-400, a month so much to ask you to identity information, where to get? And after the GG authentication, the GG database will be there reservation number information, again found after waiting for you to K your receivables, such advertising fees he earned, and the end of the month you cried. So it is not resolved before this way, I think the most safe or ordinary mail PIN, followed by PIN and other documents, I can not think of what security over PIN method. I apply for an account is 25 yuan, and is named, PIN also received free, so the price is very suitable for the public to believe, is most worth mentioning, I post a PIN address currently up to 10, 2 cities, 8 counties. And in contact with other brothers, to maximize the protection of your account security, here I wish everyone a month can receive money from GG ~~~

above is only limited to my personal and numerous customers in the group, only for you as a reference, I hope the A5 auditor to give an audit!