Looking for a free lunch at the beginning of a variety of ways to save money


is not only to the early start of the operating elements, regardless of your company in the market to do much, money is not always wrong.

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macro, macro stuff I don’t speak too much, I really love music fan.

I will come to share with you what free lunch in the early stages of the business.

1 free enterprise email.

first sweep a blind, enterprise mailbox refers to the domain name can bind their own enterprise mailbox, for example: [email protected] your domain name.Com. And 126, 163 and other mailboxes called public mailbox.

do not always say Tencent monopoly, Tencent really do a lot of good for us. Tencent’s enterprise mailbox is one of them. Now Tencent enterprise mailbox has been estimated to have 263 of the enterprise mailbox pushed to the edge of the cliff.

introduced before the Tencent enterprise mailbox, enterprise mailbox is basically free of charge, the enterprise mailbox (such as virtual host free mailbox) space is small, unstable, and often there are many restrictions.

Tencent’s corporate mailbox online rate can reach more than 99%, very stable, very fast speed.

Tencent corporate email address is: exmail.qq.com

The basic configuration of

is as follows:


experience: free enterprise mailbox can open 200 accounts, each account space as much as 2G, basically can meet the needs of all start-ups.

2 free fax machine.

thanks to the NetEase. NetEase recently launched the electronic fax function, can completely replace the traditional fax machine.

NetEase electronic fax function and NetEase have all the mail to get through, we just need to register a NetEase mailbox can be used.

experience: Le fan I write this article now, NetEase has selected electronic fax number can not be modified, so we have to consider a lot when the selected number.


3 free ad.

we live in the age of the Internet, the network brings convenience to me may be much more than you want to imagine. Unlike previous small ads, we can select the network the cheaper way to do free publicity for our new company.

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in the China domestic product release advertisement information free website, there are well-known: 58 city, go to the market, easy to climb and so on, we only need to Baidu or Goo>