Zalando founder how to use 6 years to create a 2 billion 500 million company

Dü sseldorf Robert Gentz now; is a famous commercial economy, since the creation of e-commerce company Zalando, he was a great success, but behind the big boss of the story and where to start? Here, let us start from a beach in Guatemala.. At the beginning of 2007, Genta to Guatemala on vacation, he saw a report in the newspaper at the time said above, there is a social networking platform StudiVZ was acquired by Holtzbrinck Publishers, the trading price of up to a staggering 85 million euros. "I think it’s very attractive," Gentz recalls, so he asked himself, "how can a website be so valuable? What is the value of it?"

Gentz for a long time can not forget the buy-out, because he wanted to have his own Internet Co, and he was almost not good: when Gentz is only 23 years old, with the Alto Besson Business School (WHU) degree, is also the Boston Consulting Group (Boston Consulting Group) and Stanley Inc (Morgan Morgan Stanley) intern, not only that, he also loves Latin America, because there is his college friend David Schneider. A few months later, two of them in Mexico city of Monterey set up the first start-up, in life in fact, Gentz was in Mexico city of Monterey in the local reading, on a semester. The start-up company, Unibicate, is in Mexico, Argentina, and Chile to provide social networking services for local university campuses.

as an alto Besson business school graduates, Gentz have a good relationship, therefore, they did not take much effort to find investors. But they found investors, one person was out of the ordinary, his name is Oliver Samwer, Gentz for the business idea, the investor answered only one word, "ridiculous!" result? It was said on the Samwer. Unibicate company is looking for some programmers who are good for them, but it is not smooth, and the money from investors is becoming less and less. 2008, Gentz and David Schneider had to end his first entrepreneurial project. At that time, the two men in the absence of salary conditions for life for 8 months.

that time, the two failed entrepreneurs are so lonely, they even have no money to buy a plane ticket back to europe. So they found Samwer again, and this time they succeeded. Samwer bought a return ticket for them. In return, they are in Samwer