On the placement techniques of advertising code

advertising code placement techniques


There are more effective clicks on ads on the

site, which is what every station wants. Here I talk about the placement of advertising skills, hoping to attract the attention of some owners.

(I) example

let’s take a look at the two sites of GGAD placement.

(1) coral, object page is: http://s.face.coralqq.com/ we can get a glance at the GG ad has two: one on

right, in fact, this page has a GG advertisement, the station to the middle he placed on these QQ expression content (see Figure 1), mixed up, so that when users are looking for their own love expression, click more contribution will not, but this is also a point defect. If we can according to the first GG ad code pattern layout ", let GG and on the table within the content of a vertical line, the effect will be better


  (Figure 1)

(2): NetEase NetEase revision, has greatly improved the layout of the page, better into the GG ad code pattern, to achieve the maximum degree of unity, so that users can’t see advertising, but the content (see Figure 2), the basic for placing defects of coral. Research page: http://s.news.163.com/07/0116/18/34VT1J1S000120GU.html

(Figure 2)


(two) author example

        I made a paper web site early, when it is written in the ITSUN SOHU advertising alliance, beginning a little effect is not ideal, basically every day is 7 dollars. Later, I did the processing, the SOHU advertising design into such a

            SOHU advertising advertising advertising

            SOHU. Advertising advertising advertising
            SOHU. Advertising advertising advertising
            SOHU. Advertising advertising advertising

and then mixed with the content title,