The blue reflection of Wang Feng six years of transformation of the mobile game business ups and dow


introduction this adjustment is called a gamble.



founder Wang Feng

technology Tencent Fang Kun reported in April 3rd

Beijing Wangjing, a huge poster hanging downstairs Qiming building reads: "Innovationin mobile games from 2013", two days ago here in La Gang online announced the transition to the mobile game business, the original end of the tour, although Webpage Game continue to update, but no longer approved new projects, has been in the stage of research and development project code named double sealed. CTO, cancel operations center and R & D center, and will operate, propaganda, integrated into the project group, jointly responsible for the results of project.

this adjustment is called a gamble. Yesterday, LineKong founder, CEO Wang Feng in an interview with the Tencent of science and technology, it is said this is a transformation of no retreat.

should not be too concerned about ranking

Wang Feng in the past few years, the domestic investment in the most successful tour company kylin game and most successful game company Webpage Game Valley, recently touted by the mobile phone game "my name is MT" is in the early stage of accepted Wang Feng’s angel investment. But we created their own online only to swim at the top of the market decline, and missed the first wave of development opportunities Webpage Game. In his 6 years of entrepreneurial career reflection is admitted, if not the initial $20 million financing, LineKong may even hold less than now.

in the game field, a top angel investors have been repeatedly in their own entrepreneurial projects setback? Wang Feng to the Tencent about 6 years of entrepreneurial reflection technology and their ups and downs of the game industry. He believes that the game company should return to the essence of the product oriented.

6 years ago, we shouted the slogan is’ 3 years among the ranks of the first game company, the income of over ten million ‘, now, this is a very stupid goal." Wang Feng believes that this goal is not stupid, not because it did not do, but will be valuable to the attention of the rivers and lakes ranking meaningless, only a good product is the core competitiveness.

end tour era, the industry will be the main policy and producer positions over elevation. Wang Feng said, in the past a number to the end of the tour, producer role attribute difference of understanding, but not easy to listen to different opinions, these people have a smattering of knowledge in the future development tendency of the game and mobile Internet, the number of people at the end of the travel market has a considerable number of.

"in the past you can find a lot of this type of producer, results money out of many, but not a great product." Wang Feng for example. We have to start early in the main policy position excessive attention, but now has lowered the weight of this position, Wang Feng said no matter what.