The bell 100 MMS Alliance

100 MMS bell alliance officially opened, welcome all webmaster cooperation!!!
single on demand 1 yuan after our test, union registration is very high. It is your good choice on the order quantity of 1000.

100 MMS alliance team has many years of bell telecom business background, has a profound understanding of the development of value-added service industry. 100 MMS bell in 2006 to carry out the transition into the telecom value-added services, including SMS, have access to MMS, WAP, IVR, and other types of business operations or customized ringing tone, license, and cooperation with a number of domestic websites, SP, and enterprises, provide more products and services to domestic users. With China Mobile, China Telecom, China Unicom, telecom operators China Netcom good relations of cooperation, the rapid development of the bell 100 MMS, become the leading to provide full network full service telecom value-added services alliance.

product service

      the services we provide include 2.5G multimedia information service (2.5GMMS, lets users via mobile phone to send and receive basic text messages, you can also send rich color images, sound, animation, motion and other multimedia content.) And 2G messaging services (2G SMS, allowing users to receive and send text messages via mobile phones). At the same time, we also provide 2G interactive voice recognition service (2G IVR), which allows users to store, send and access voice content via a mobile phone 2G (2G, CRBT, mobile customized ringing tone service users and users can listen to music called the bell).

1. (now a daily settlement payment), when your account payable and the Commission of more than 100 yuan, we will be in the unconditional full settlement Commission, settlement time for daily 17:30! In order to facilitate the settlement, we recommend you use ICBC account.
2. if you on the day of the commission payable less than 100 yuan, the cumulative to the next day, then remitted until reaching a minimum payment limit. >