Where is the way to do Amoy Amoy than do the owners

September 4, 2008 Taobao officially announced the integration of Ali’s mother, its Taobao and Ali mother immediate merger and development. Ali mother cut hundreds of employees. That is good with, at worst do not go on, move to Taobao. The mom wanted to create ad trading platform, but not up to now, a lot of publicity but less profitable Amoy Amoy. The guest stay long, Taobao recently live broadsword father change, OPEN platform, open platform. Is to eliminate some of the Taobao. Leaving only the strength of the webmaster. Help them promote products. The small guest is not the long run.

guest make money, consumers pay, the biggest benefit is Taobao.

Tao, is to help sellers to promote their products, get a commission. Some of the highest fifty percent, imagine, fleece. The seller in the mother put the promotion of products, pay commission fifty percent, is certainly the price increased by fifty percent. That is to allow consumers to bear more than fifty percent of the price. Sell things in Amoy, Amoy has the responsibility to promote the seller no longer pay more to promote the. Taobao is a platform for consumers to buy things. As long as you can know that Taobao search products in the above to buy things, why use the seller for guest to promote products. Plainly, product promotion, advertising is helping Taobao. And a layer of advertising costs. Furthermore, some people know Taobao, or through the guest to go shopping, cash back. Is this good amoy. He’s all cash back. For example, Taobao gave him a fifty Commission, he gave the buyer twenty-five percent. Let consumers assume more than and 20 of the price of the invisible.

do not Amoy webmaster, the reasons are as follows:

first, most of them are a guest website, guest website is a guest website, covered with a superb collection of beautiful things of goods. In general, few people buy things through this website, because they are also afraid of phishing sites liar. To promote your website Tao guest every day, the results have no income, but to Amoy advertising down a lot. Some buyers see this website, did not buy, but go to Amoy website search this product and buy it.

second points, in many people, but not to buy things, is to look at a website is turned off, because there is no what attraction, what I want to buy something from you this website, although they say Shopping for Refund, but some people think that is a liar, where there is such a good thing, than to Amoy buy network.

third, through the webmaster or blog promotion, and other more easily than Amoy net can consumers accept to buy things.

fourth, the guest will disappear one day, you think about it, a website is Amoy products, that does not have what difference and taobao.com, one day Taobao does not allow you to promote products, what is the value of your site.

fifth, do the webmaster, put some products to the online advertising, do valuable website. This is long