Mobile nternet touches the innovative ceiling


mobile Internet business failure rate and the rise speed is almost as rapidly, from Silicon Valley venture capitalist Peter Thiel thinks the innovation has been plunged into a quagmire, he worked in the PC Internet era, the founder of PayPal, and in the four years to create a $1 billion 500 million valuation and successfully sold to eBay, first outside investors have become Facebook, eventually got more than 20 thousand times the return of myth, and in the mobile Internet industry, in addition to Instagram, he did not find any together enough to shake the industry investment case.

as a mirror of the U.S. science and technology industry, the field of China Mobile has also appeared in the Internet the same problem, that is, the market is getting less and less excellent products to be born. The tracking data of the park geeks also showed that the field of mobile Internet boom has fallen in 2012 – "the number of the new mobile Internet application during the first half of last year fell more than 30%, the mobile Internet investment within the digital has been reduced greatly". In other words, since 2012, in addition to a handful of WeChat, such as a leader, as well as what a mobile product does not have an irreplaceable value or PC can not be achieved on the function?

when a lack of market. We also have All flowers bloom together. pattern, reasons that, its innovation is in slow or stagnant period, and low birth rate of good product.

next, we can talk about the reason.

one, environmental evolution stop

, as the proportion of oxygen in the atmosphere can determine the size of the insect, as the product of the root soil, the overall environment of the mobile Internet is becoming stable and lack of change. IOS 6 and Android 4.2 are the highlights of lack, is more like a new platform in the daily transition process, Windows Phone did not exceed expectations for mobile Internet developers and business team, the environment system of platform resources mining potential has been exhausted, no imagination. The classification of App Store menu to open the app store to download Top 10 can see, the field of mobile Internet has completed the first circle movement (in addition to the game and other special types of products), in addition to launch into homogeneous products, and then try to provide more excellent experience in the operation and service, has no too much competition way.

This makes

mobile Internet new product than a familiar, but also a more than a trivial.

two, liquidity less than

technology media Business Insider earlier this year that the famous "the future of the mobile Internet" report shows that in the mobile terminal Internet users more than desktop Internet users today, the mobile Internet business.