Learning and fast action is the core of the nternet era entrepreneurial ability

Internet companies, the essence of which is learning practice organization. Learning and fast action is the core of the Internet era. To learn to observe and judge the industry and technology trends, we should attach importance to the significance of new things or new technologies.

How to

the traditional enterprises to adapt to the Internet era, this is a big topic, but it is worth a good study and discussion, thinking this short talk only sporadic, not a system, when the right to initiate.


, the traditional industries of the impact of the Internet should maintain adequate attention and vigilance, as a matter of vital importance of enterprises.

Gao Hongbing, vice president of Alibaba

said that there are two kinds of material properties in the world, the two scenarios, the perspective of the two, the economic concept of the two, that is, atomic and bit. The traditional enterprise is the atomic world, the Internet enterprise is the bit world, two completely different worlds.

I destroy you, but nothing to do with you, as depicted in science fiction "body" in that way, the Internet industry and the traditional industries of the war, is a two-dimensional and three-dimensional space war, the traditional industry or enterprise if not quickly self subversion, and even how to die may not know.

the pressure of competition, not from your experience, but from the future trend of the judge. The Internet industry now looks every little technological innovation or small movements, are likely to affect the future of the industry, is the so-called "sparks of fire, fire", do not underestimate.

second, the Internet industry, is a trend in line with the trend of fair competition in the market, the Internet is the index of resources, the index competition.

Sohu founder Zhang Zhaoyang said in a speech that China’s Internet is taking over the Chinese economy. In China, only the Internet industry really do almost pure market competition, is the most fair competition in the industry. If a product is stronger than the competitor’s product 10%, then it will be on the network to be magnified by 1000 times, the growth of this index is much faster than the linear growth of the line. Therefore, the Internet industry is easy to produce the best organization, with better organizational skills, innovation, management, marketing capabilities.

third, the traditional enterprise in the transformation process, this transition should be fully aware of the difficult, almost reborn, it is not a study of several of the so-called Internet thinking can be effective immediately, but the transformation and construction system.

The production management process of production management process and the traditional enterprise Internet

there is a huge difference, the traditional production management process: planning, organization, leadership, control, its characteristics are: first, after the task; process management; precise control. Internet product management process: goals, discovery, delegation, management. It is characterized by the following tasks: the first task, the organization, the goal setting, the resource matching. Gao Hongbing, vice president of Alibaba also talked about the Internet products company library