Online shop money good King

Internet users per capita annual consumption of about 300 yuan, in 2002 the online market capacity of about $4 billion 500 million, equivalent to a city a large business enterprises annual sales of 3-4 times.

content online and offline

1 1 – 3 artificial

operating costs (window) low cost high

can display of goods is not limited Co.

(gifts) 2000/ days

(City Downtown)


1 in the table to store online ZIPPO store as an example.

2 month logged commodity total 300, 150 turnover, the average transaction price of 300 yuan of goods.

data show that in 2001, 10 million 650 thousand people have been China in online purchase goods, accounting for 31.6% of the total number of Internet users China, the proportion of Internet users in developed countries and individual users of e-commerce have been very close to the proportion of. The practice of e-commerce in China for several years shows that the average annual consumption of every Internet user is about 300 yuan. According to the China e-commerce users