Taobao guest website concise only have sales force

network is now greatly small Taobao site although many friends maintain be too numerous to enumerate, more than one such site, but the money was not satisfying. In the process and we exchange, the author found that strong sales of Taobao site have a common, is a simple page.

A lot of friends of the Taobao

off site source are very complex, presented to the visitors to the page is brightly coloured, looked like a big classification information station. In fact, this promotion method is difficult to generate orders, because visitors to your site will have a feeling of loss. To allow users to make a quick decision to buy, you must make the page to achieve the most concise effect. The author once with an expert exchange, Taobao found his guest site should be used open source blog program to do. But the column setting is very simple, each article is devoted to a Taobao product, buy links with the baby at the end. This model allows users to know the site’s first theme, to understand the advantages of the product, and thus the probability of buying behavior will greatly increase.

in addition to the blog program, the use of a single page to promote Taobao customers is also a good choice. I just do the Taobao customer is love to build large and web site, then Taobao also specializes in this type of advertising, as long as the link with the exclusive code set, show the effect is almost the same page and Taobao official website. Although this site style and elegant, but I found that the use of this promotion can not produce orders. The reason is that its content is too rich, there is no specificity. Internet users are not buyers, they are looking for the information they need most. After the continuous improvement of the experiment, I finally decided that each page is not only to promote more than 5 products, so that the page becomes more refreshing, but also produced a gratifying order.

some friends in order to maximize the use of traffic, but also in the pages of Taobao customers to join some alliance products. For example, I have seen some of the owners in the promotion of maternal and child products in the pages of the children’s website to hang up the CPA ad. Because the choice of maternal and child products customers are bound to have a baby around, this type of Internet users must be very concerned about parenting issues, so that it is easier to generate registration. Although the webmaster thinking is very good, but too much advertising will let visitors see foggy, what is unclear "to show. Once the visitors will not hesitate to turn off the browser will not be bored, so unnecessary advertising the best off early.

Although Taobao

to do a variety of methods, but many people still choose to promote through the site. And in order to let the customers are willing to pay, it is necessary to think from their point of view, for the sake of netizens. Only the page to do the best concise, users can fully understand your goods, such pages have sufficient sales force.

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