Dongsheng how the grassroots entrepreneurship dilemma to defeat the enemy

business is after careful thought and quantitative calculation, know that this thing will do as long as the outlook is very good to carry things, grassroots entrepreneurship is even more so, venture difficult, difficult for outsiders to have its shortcomings.

entrepreneurs at the beginning, the biggest problem is the lack of money, money in the pockets of others, with what people are willing to give you the money to keep, let you do things, the last part of the money can earn a profit to you?


there are many factors in it, one of the important reasons is honesty. The life cycle total kept in this cause, if you start is not honest, then the story of Thanksgiving, if spread, who dare to lend you the money? So many things after years of accumulation, people will know you, this person is worth.

No one at the beginning of

business is not to borrow money, borrow money to start facing two major challenges: one is honesty, two is the ability to bend to. People want to stand on their own, but sometimes you will find that life also needs a variety of postures, kneeling squatting is a gesture, we have to learn to comfort themselves, so that they squat for a while.

is very important to avoid entrepreneurial risk, an error can lead to return to the origin. There are many things in life, but we do not attach importance to. Now many corrupt officials arrested, equal to a lifetime to zero. Sometimes, one day or a few months to zero, we often do not attach importance to. So clearly the money is not, in fact, is to know that sometimes will return to zero. Be careful, don’t make mistakes, be charitable, moving in the right direction, the only way to bring lasting business down.

business needs a business ambition, can adhere to is not good or bad business, but in the pursuit of the ideal is lofty. Ideals are like the light at the end of a dark tunnel. With light, you can persist in the tunnel before you can move on. When the light is gone, it will be afraid, and will not go away.

business is to find uncomfortable, that is, in the uncomfortable habit, uncomfortable when comfortable. A good entrepreneur will enjoy the pain. Pain is the nutrition of a man, the man of the last quality: firm, persistent, tolerance, wisdom, humor, self-confidence, generosity, and so are used to support the bitter.

generous from "ancient and modern world, try to pay the joke". We found that children tend to stress, vulnerable to tension, women tend to stress, young people tend to tense, why?. The old man calm, experienced many people calm, predictable results, of course, calm.

We went to

today, not to sacrifice, we are going to win, we are starting to go home. The probability of success is very small, we want to see hope, thinking about success, in order to face failure.

success is for those who are not afraid of failure, is to face failure