Look at those 95 years after the start of the beauty of the value of hundreds of millions of dollars

venture, CEO, worth hundreds of millions, beauty, after 95. What do you think of when you see these words? Can you imagine that these labels can be achieved in one person? Yes, there are some who have done so after 95. This makes 80, 90 too much to handle! China home computer in 95 after began to increase, rather 95 is the real Internet era, and small series described below several mostly through the network platform to complete their entrepreneurial dreams


ERA – Xu Ke


ERA founder, born in 1995, Shanghai news trace Mdt InfoTech Ltd CEO Xu, the new generation of the value of social software ERA completed a valuation of 120 million yuan in the fourth round of financing in January of this year, the current round of financing by the purple cow fund collar vote.

ERA, a LBS based social value of the task, so that the user’s value, skills, value, credit, charisma, social ability to achieve direct. ERA uses the "mission – to do the task – to reward" mode, the transaction between users is grafted on the basis of online payment, in the principle of equivalent exchange, the realization of the interaction of labor and value. ERA is committed to making every penny spent on the real needs of the user point, users in the short time to find the needs of people with the highest efficiency, in the security situation, the value of personal time correct cash or put money into the hands of effective skills, is the product logic throughout ERA.

magic department store – Wang Kai Xin


Wang Kaixin 98 suspension entrepreneurial business, vowing to take 95 and 00 after the market. The 16 year old girl was born in 1998, in the sophomore next semester started school, personalized business platform Magic – the first domestic department store for 95 and 00 of teenagers. In the magic department, student party can find suitable for the young people of goods, such as the star with a trendy clothing, adorable cute pillow and Hello Kitty charging treasure. And most of the magic department store products are very difficult to buy goods online under the unique.

Wang Kaixin feels like he just wants to be a "low profile after 98 CEO". In fact, the Department of magic in May this year has been set up and get millions of angel investment, Android registered users have more than 60 thousand, for the 16 year old CEO is considered a good result.

expert – Hu Juncheng

Hu Juncheng is a 94 year flood after 95 entrepreneurs, in the sophomore summer with the purpose of going abroad to work in Shanghai to study, but he later embrace the dream of entrepreneurship and friends began to drop out of entrepreneurship. Soon he passed the first venture in a short period of time to earn the life first bucket of gold 100 thousand. They want to be the exclusive social tools students then break the information asymmetry, let the students and seniors.