How to use a software build blog promotion website ranking

two, how to carry out the registration and blog topic partition

, how to choose the


many friends do not know how to develop a blog group, after some friends with insect insect marketing assistant are disorderly hair blog, blog, do not know how to go to the blog, how to raise, how to use the blog website ranking to make up, so today, Chong recently raised Shanghai Longfeng according to several hundred a blogging experience a piece of insect friends with you to share my experience with

many of my friends have made a common mistake, that is registered in the blog immediately after the release of the chain, especially the new friends, after registering with the hair of the chain, looked at the success rate is very happy, but when released again on the second day of the release, cannot account login, only find your account were all sealed. So here to remind Chong of Shanghai Longfeng >

Chong blog, Shanghai Dragon said more than once two times, as in "how to use the forum and blog marketing software to do the chain" said general we pick good big portal blog Sina, tinaya, Hexun, gold, love Shanghai, Sohu has no wrong weight, sometimes a new blog post is the second, but the space is not the love of Shanghai, we should understand that the love of Shanghai’s products, supervision is relatively strong, less and less. In addition to do mathematical blog according to the key index to do what at a time, such as the www.chong贵族宝贝 qunfa blog forum, Shanghai dragon qunfa index is about 850+, then the Chong will raise Shanghai Longfeng every word about 80 blogs, but not all of the blog are the core keywords, some long tail the word is in the blog article, we should pay attention to the next.

three, how to update the

blog should be selected, divided blog registration and content, Chong Shanghai Phoenix are to blog software bugs but batch registration, the bug updates the A.i function can be very good for batch registration, if m more cases, then pay a large home code open, basic you can hang up registration, encounter cumbersome registration blog, like Hexun, gold requirements corresponding to a blog mailbox so want to quickly get the methods we recommend to buy some 1000, the price is about 30 yuan, if you do not want to buy to do the registered mailbox, the parameter settings can be. The rate is not very high. In addition to the blog registered at the same time, should pay attention to the theme of the blog, is also the name of the blog, that everyone at the time of registration are set up, each batch of blog should have different names, but also around the main keywords to be registered, such as clothing, clothing, what is a blog to what brand of clothing which sell and so on, similar to the long tail keywords, according to the industry to divide.

! blogHow to choose the