On the high bounce rate we can approach from which aspects



high bounce rate is one of the problems we have hated the webmaster site. A high bounce rate from the side reflects the site’s user friendly experience is not good, and the user friendly experience is the relationship of the site’s weight and ranking. Therefore, the webmaster want to make their target visitors stay on our site for a long time, but the heart of visitors can ponder for the webmaster who did not dare say that in the short term out of the high rate of treatment. Even so, but we can jump out of the high rate of problems from some aspects of reasonable treatment. Today I will share their points in solving the high bounce rate to the.

to reduce the site’s jump out rate, and not simply to provide high quality original content can, in the construction of the chain is also a key point. A good chain can put all relevant content together, and then through the chain can be very good to guide users to deeper content. We can put the related articles within the chain by way of series, for example, the related articles, recommended reading, and so on, as long as it is related to the content, can be.

three: from the depth of the user to access

space not only has a big impact on the ranking, but also have joint influence on the overall user experience and bounce rate. If a site is visited every time to visitors, so this site will sooner or later be abandoned by the user. So the level of the stability of the space and the bounce rate has a great relationship. For this we can purchase a more stable space, then we can streamline the site code to deal with this problem. The home page try not to place too many pictures or Flash etc.. Improve the site loading speed, can effectively reduce the site’s jump out rate.

two: from the site of the loading speed to

: a page from simple to


The stability of

for most of the site, the site is the only advertising revenue. Many sites will go to join a large number of advertising sites, especially pop ads, for a large number of pop-up ads site, users will rarely have nostalgia. Generally when users visit the site to open a site two or three pop-up window advertising, so even temper again good also impatient users. So I think, try not to put in the pop-up ads, not for a little bit of interest with long-term interest expense. The author believes that advertising should be put in the premise of not affecting the cleanliness of the page, and then influence the content and distinction, will not let users from advertising, but also can improve the site’s overall professional degree. So the user naturally will stay at your site for a long time, effectively reduce the bounce rate.