Lu Guofu analysis of common mistakes in Links exchange

PR have now is not the webmaster attention, but shortly before the PR once again updated, this has caused the attention of our webmaster, PR update is expected, after all, this is Google’s unique, remember in the last days of 2010, I wrote an article of Google is you I said, Google will be back. In fact, we are now mainly love Shanghai to flow, PR is Google people that love Shanghai so much? I don’t think so. Even if someone’s website is PR4, but the content is very bad, the user experience is not very good, are links to many, even if our site is PR0 the station, I saw many friends or not willing to exchange it, PR is just a reference, but don’t care too much about this thing, or you will lose a lot of high quality links.

Keywords ranking

exchange Links is a work we have carried out the Shanghai dragon ER, then we must know what kind of exchange links is high-quality links, from which we judge each other’s link is good, it is helpful to our website, Wuhan Shanghai dragon and we mainly talk about several kinds of errors in view Links process today:


we all know that when we exchange Links, advocate the correlation of the site is the best link. What is the relevance of the links? For example, the word "Wuhan Shanghai dragon > my blog

is now a lot of Shanghai Longfeng optimization in exchange the friendship connection also fancy ranking keywords, but also not to say that the keywords ranking on the first website is a good website, right, we need to analyze the keywords, it belongs to what kind of words can refer to how to distinguish the keywords of hot and cold, you know. This article?. If a popular word even if at first, is not representative of what the problem, or a popular word even if he’s ranking is not good, you can guarantee that he would not come to the site’s ranking? Ranking in front of the site can guarantee ranking won’t drop? So when we exchange Links. And to many reasons, the development prospects of the website now even if the ranking is not good, will catch up with, this station is what we need to do Links.

website PR

included the number two love Shanghai


site correlation

when we exchange links with others, many people have provisions included the number reached 200+, 500+, 1000+, then love Shanghai included the number really can reflect the weight of a web site? We all know that regular website is not included, a lot of garbage collection station number, there are a lot of collection site day included a lot, then we are willing to exchange links and sites like? We should not only look at the number of included, we should be collected from a website in proportion to reference, this is more true and reliable data.