K had been or how to restore the site

third is Links, there is no denying the fact that I Links also have a certain impact, the first is his links to the 8 sites, 3 of which are being in love with altitude hair, I estimate the receipt associated with Links also has some relevance, so I say those who are plucking Links also to get rid of.

second is the problem before every day in order to catch the articles published in the golden period, too late to write original, a lot of false original article or some, so after this lesson, I will not love those decisive Shanghai included in the article to delete.


love Shanghai adjustment algorithm, many grassroots webmaster find websites are K, many rely on Taobao passenger revenue in the adjustment of grassroots webmaster also suffered unprecedented blow, so many people were forced to abandon Taobao passenger station. Of course, there are some people to the site is K or lucky like return to the previous ranking. In short, K site still has a chance to recover. Today the author to own a site for example, when in October 11 I established a mainly supplies car Taobao off site, after the chain to 3 months and the content of the website update, and finally embarked on the love of Shanghai home position, this let me talk to the other excited, because their efforts were rewarded, Taobao customer income is soaring.

In this paper,

then goes back to the station first step is updated every day a few articles, send the chain, so after a month, my site is restored. Well, today is talking about here, please master who do not spray because I am also a novice.

however, good times don’t last long, after a period of shuffling, Taobao customers increasingly fierce competition, many colleagues have to enter the Taobao customer, so my site is also faced with unprecedented challenges, ranking. After 3 months of love Shanghai home, in June this year, my site appeared very big fluctuation in Shanghai a major update, all of a sudden fall in love with elevation of hair, and pull out. This makes me very disappointed, Taobao passenger income also plummeted. How do? The site is K to come back ah.

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after a few days of thinking, I began to have been on their own station after reflection, the first time can still see the problem, the first is the chain, their hair before the chain has been an occasional forum signature, soft Wen release, so this is a kind of waste that love Shanghai the chain.