How to make literature website users rub spark

Why is and user rub sparksThe

many grassroots Adsense are often reproduced in other articles, although there are a number of people included good, but few income, these articles may be reproduced over most of the readers have seen, have lost the desire to click. Grassroots webmaster will naturally say: no money, no technology for grassroots webmaster, reprint has been very good. Wrong, we should not hold this idea, we do not allow others to help us.

user is fundamental to website development, and for the literature website reader and author are indispensable. Let the author contribute content, let the reader and the content of rub spark, it is the key to development. For a point of view, the author why contribute content is the first step.

called "rub sparks" is to allow users to resonate, literary website is more and more well done, whether it is or has been on the grassroots foundation literature site seems to have reached a bottleneck, many people began to withdraw from this industry, when I’ll regret to talk about why sparks and user rub, and how to rub sparks.

let every work has influence. The quality of the works is always uneven levels, but also for the grassroots, not because the quality is not reached a very high standard and delete. So in this article the influence of enhanced. For example, when the A author released an essay, let B come the author reviews the comments tend to be relatively professional, the author of A can.

users to resonateThe only way How about

literature website caused by user’s reaction is to enhance the quality of the content. Take the recent most popular Internet novel "with me for ten years long girls will get married", originally issued on douban贵族宝贝 due to lack of attracted a large crowd of friends suddenly became the novel network popular, and the director has purchased the film rights, think of the film shoot.

a simple example: a literary forum hypothesis and novels or prose and literary forum, often do not have the capacity to publish. The authors want in addition to resonate with readers, another point is to enhance the visibility and income. To enhance the visibility of the best but is published, so we can choose to contribute in this way. With the very popular "reader", the articles are carefully selected. "Readers" in recent years, the original content is less, more is a reprint of others, and attached copyright. We can under the permission of the author, the author works in the name of the website submission. If this is a spark can work with the user brush, will not only appear in the reader, also have money. For the profit of this pumping pumping see you webmaster. And behind the works from the certain literature websites, the author is xxx. On the website of the publicity is not good? The author why want to put the article to you, see your personality charm.