Novice website long tail keywords mining combat tutorial

above is the relevant search long tail word love Shanghai recommended search "long tail keywords" in love in Shanghai. Personally feel that love Shanghai search must be that words wisely properly, now some cheaters in order to achieve the effect of branding deliberately brush high search index.

user search habits

, using the flow statistics tool, dig out the long tail word with

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Admin5 through the "love Shanghai stationmaster net weight value" to see the long tail keywords, such as: how to increase website ranking, the novel love Shanghai included and so on. Whether it is the long tail keywords or keywords, keywords are. When we selected the site keywords, if you encounter some competitive keywords, you can choose the long tail keywords as the main keywords, sometimes there will be an unexpected effect of

analysis of peer or the same type of Web site to get the long tail keywords


this is not to say, the Internet spread a lot of such tools, personal feel good love stand nets.

long tail keywords are generally from 2 to 3 words, can also be a short domain consisting of. With the difficulty of optimization of Shanghai Longfeng is more and more high, the significance of long tail keywords on our website is more and more big. After years of analysis of website traffic sources, I found that the main source of small and medium-sized site traffic is to rely on the long tail keywords. Right novice how to excavate the site long tail keywords

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three, using the site long tail keywords mining tool




here to say is to make full use of "love Shanghai weight" which is a effective tool for key words by some large, compared with the success of the industry website to get more and better.

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above is a decoration website cnzz data expert users search keywords data mining, personally feel that the long tail keywords correctly consider the user search habits is particularly important. We can through the website statistics for 1 days, 7 days, a month of keywords to dig out the long tail keywords meet the user search habits.

two, search engines recommend related search to dig the long tail keywords