Analysis of love Shanghai continued the recent updates to changes brought by Shanghai Dragon


Shanghai Longfeng just let a lot of people to become a "network navy", of course, it also let us have a firm and indomitable character, "because we always believe that a chain, our website ranking will top point, imperceptibly, we become the founder of Internet junk information. While this phenomenon is not willing to see the love of Shanghai, the search engine to provide the desired content to the user, to meet the various needs of the users search, delete duplicate page is superfluous.

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this is a point of disagreement also said the Shanghai dragon, Shanghai dragon in the end in order to rank or to the user experience, or in between. Obviously, the love of Shanghai is biased user experience, Shanghai dragon is the essence of the user experience, but how to let users get a good experience, this is our Shanghai Longfeng educators to explore a direction. The last month of 2013, through this update, the user experience will be more and more high, so the search engine to work around the Shanghai dragon industry will also usher in a new era.

with wide range and constant love Shanghai update, and set the chain site of many webmasters change radically, ask Baidu crazy? In fact, Baidu is not mad, but show its offbeat style for us, let the user experience relatively good site to show in front of people. However, since many owners reflect the situation, keyword ranking has not changed significantly, the purpose of this update obviously.

on the 11.22 day, love Shanghai Webmaster Platform high-end salon owners (Beijing Railway Station) "love Shanghai night" salon, Lou song song in his blog posting, one of the most important message: "love Shanghai (mobile search) will start from mid December, phasing out" has not only value "the PC page, to encourage the construction of mobile station resources, to optimize the mobile user search experience."


two, in order to better user experience

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12.07, Google PR update, the news so many webmaster very surprised, because before we thought is not the PR value update, this is undoubtedly a good news for foreign trade English Shanghai dragon er. I believe that love Shanghai knew that Google will update the PR during this period of time, so I guess love Shanghai these days of continuous updates, whether because of Google’s "dynamic" and "dynamic"

three, Google PR update

, delete the duplicate pages