The title of the party or to return to nature to optimize title to see

is actually the title of website content introduction, light has a good title, but not high quality content, which in fact and the title of the party is very similar, with the title, with the title and content must have a relationship, or even love.

is a piece of the title content of the construction of the most difficult, and most easily, the difficulty is the author’s experience, copying and imitation of a similar title is very simple, but want to compose and content are closely related, but also to attract search engine. The difficulty will rise. Because of the risk in the process to avoid the title of the party. Because with the continuous innovation of love Shanghai algorithm, the title of the party has been clearly put forward is to love the Shanghai penalty, because in the new love Shanghai algorithm, whether it is the title of the article links even need correlation. The title of the party is the most criticized a powerful and unconstrained style writing, its purpose is to make people’s eyes.

generally speaking words of the title is generally between 6 to 20, more than 20 Shanghai, love can not fully included, less than 6, are often too simple, the title can not be a good interpretation of the content, so the title should control in 6 to 20 between the right and in the title in nature are inserted into the corresponding keyword keyword can improve the effective exposure, and improve the content of the rankings. In this work a bit to remember words.

sometimes we find love Shanghai search results on key words with various symbols, many optimization personnel may think through symbols including seems can enhance the weight of words, but in fact the search engine is ignored for these is not consistent with the reference points, so there is no kind of lifting the weight of keywords, the opposite is also easy let users mistakenly think this topic is rubbish, so I think or cancel the use of these symbols, makes the title return to nature as well.

then how can write both search engines and refinement can make the majority of users care title? In fact as long as the master to the user experience as the core of the title writing rules, even if it is to write is not attractive, it is not too bad, this is like the ancient dragon once said, as long as the young woman not too ugly as the reason, in this premise, we can obtain a certain effect, and the effect of the high and low of waste a little mind.

what kind of title can let users feel more cordial? It requires empathy, for example, you fell in love with the sea search "plasmid buy such words in the title, if only to buy the title without plasmid as the corresponding expression, to make a lot of users unknown so, to know the plasmid itself is relatively new words in the title leads to buy what is the use of plasmid and so on, often can make users more intuitive, and the search engines also tend to be more included, because it helps users of the solution, that is to enhance the user experience.