Tiger bashing sports network submitted to the Shanghai Stock Exchange listing revenue last year 200

[TechWeb] April 25th news, the Internet sports service platform tiger bashing sports submitted to the SFC A shares listed application.


Commission official website shows, tiger culture communication (Shanghai) Limited by Share Ltd (hereinafter referred to as ESPN) submitted A prospectus draft report, documents show that the company intends listed in the Shanghai Stock Exchange, no more than 33334000 shares issued.

tiger sports means using the Internet Service Sports crowd, owns sports vertical website "ESPN sports network" and "ESPN mobile client, mobile client, provide the service mainly includes event information, community interaction, online value-added services, operations, events, sports goods and services guide the main business, by advertising, event marketing business and value-added business income etc..


consolidated income statement

the company in 2015, in 2014, revenue in 2013 was about 200 million yuan, respectively, $140 million, 98 million yuan, operating profit of about $27 million 670 thousand over the same period, $5 million 60 thousand, $15 million 40 thousand. Among them, the 2015 advertising business, event marketing, value-added services accounted for 60.78%, respectively, 13.75%, 20.56%.


changes in equity before and after the issuance of

in terms of ownership structure, in this issue before, the controlling shareholder of the company and the actual control process of Hangzhou, directly holds 29552813 shares, accounting for 29.56% of the total shares, the Shanghai bright tiger and tiger of Shanghai indirectly holds 2.09% of the equity, together hold 31.65% of the equity shares.

before the release, ESPN’s second largest shareholder of Quanzhou Sheng Quan, the latter is the entity clothing brand guirenniao curve shares ESPN’s.

data show that in February 12, 2015, guirenniao affiliates Quanzhou Sheng wing investment company jointly invested and set up Quanzhou City Quan Xiang Investment Center (limited partnership) (hereinafter referred to as "Quan Xiang investment"), among them, guirenniao invested 239 million 160 thousand yuan, Quanzhou Sheng wing Investment Co., Ltd. invested 1 yuan, as the general partner. In February 27, 2015, Stephen Cheung investment and Quanzhou Quan Sheng signed the "investment agreement", and on the basis of the agreement to provide loans 89 million 160 thousand yuan, 150 million yuan to Quanzhou Sheng Quan, Quanzhou Quan Sheng to the transferee stake borrowing tiger sports and the tiger sports capital, as of the date of signing the prospectus, the equity transfer and capital increase has been completed, Quanzhou Quan Sheng holds 16.11% stake in espn.

in addition, ESPN associated, in many aspects with guirenniao January 2015, guirenniao with ESPN Co. signed a "strategic cooperation framework agreement, the establishment of a strategic partnership, cooperation between the two sides set up a sports industry fund, the fund target size of 2 billion yuan, two.