Thinking about Shanghai dragon caused by reading the wrong name of others

: please help a person hard to do one thing, you not only assured, also hard to help others to do things to do. Is the heart.

then engaged in Shanghai Longfeng work do not mind too much.

without heart with no attention and not the same, the first to explain the difference between heart and heart

read the wrong name meaning so much, so involved in the Shanghai dragon is not hard, not hard. If you do not Shanghai dragon heart, not hard, it will produce a chemical reaction greatly in Shanghai Longfeng work. Either site is strange K, or web information into others, or attack their own websites are still confused, or website ranking is always not on the schedule, can not find the reason.

4, website good, content is not that bad, but also recklessly spam links.

do not

1, website good, anyway.


got the idea: would you please help a person to do one thing that you have this thing, call up.

doesn’t care if you do, Shanghai dragon hard, then you face is always no progress, one with N years of experience.

These are the embodiment of

some time ago, Liu Yufan wrote an article from the "eat the truth of understanding the Shanghai dragon". This paper explains a few details, 1, 2, 3 speed, polite, good words, 4. Today I extend a topic, is carefully and seriously.

2, website good after the tube, but the content is very bad.

in Shanghai Longfeng work hard, mainly in the following aspects:

remember when eating, two times in a row, a colleague called the wrong name, here to say sorry to her, I do not mind, not hard, has caused the great slip of the tongue. Read the name of a person, seemingly casual, but if it is in the important occasions, it is a fatal problem. For example, if a host at a news conference, the protagonist of the wrong name, the consequences will be very serious. Or after being fined, or after being fired, the most important is in this case, called the wrong name, is in fact implies another meaning. (1, or that lead not good enough. 2, or that character’s name is not good. 3, the protagonist or that you can’t remember him / her, he / she does not care about. 4, look at each other or that can not afford, even the names are too lazy to remember?) so this is how the unforgivable mistake, but fortunately I was dinner with colleagues.

Liu Yufan recently in the busy writing, write some of their own thinking about things, the record is a good habit for me to pay.

3, website good, content, but the website frame not see it.

don’t care

1, !