The title keywords optimization configuration details can not be ignored

of the title of the website layout is very important, generally the website title keywords by more weight will be before the search engine to the higher, so we try to make keyword optimization difficult on the front of the title in the website in the title if you use their products by the end of that brand keywords, Website Title placement. If we want to do so mainstream brand, it will be another matter, suggest the most front near the title of the place, so placed increased user click rate. To choose which way to place keywords, or to take into account the products on which higher demand.

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in the website settings actually have a lot of factors are directly affect the page click rate and conversion rate, if the title keyword set accurately, then we will find the page when we become a trusted brand in a search page, when users search key > we specific pages

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three, set to reflect the content of

in the website we usually use the symbols including | – _ and > other symbols, why use these special symbols, in order to make the title more concise, so that customers at a glance can know about the contents of the title, the title to improve legibility and increase customer friendly.

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four, the title of the symbol set to read

The importance of Keyword

, a title keyword layout

website is to write important parts of the information in the HTML file, although the head information we can’t complete display in front of user access, but the title set of keywords but it affects our entire web page ranking, search engine is an important element to judge web page relevance, can be seen to write the Title of the site. For our website ranking plays an very important role can not be ignored, so how to write the webmaster should let search engine satisfied the title, I mainly summarize the following four principles.

search page, keyword search engine page title given only 65 or so, if we take the character of the title of the website positioning in the outside of 65 characters, so not only the words in the search page outside the 65 characters of the search engine will be cut off, but also by the search engine to give weight is very low. So we in the title of the site location must be strictly considered to be concise.


in use within the specified character, we try to use the title to maximize the description of web content to the user, such as a web site keywords "female facial skin care products" than "beauty" are more likely to let customers get on, because the search beauty products for users mostly women, and more is to want to do the face of beauty, so the use of more precise words and words in the title page related website, more easy to let the customer know our website content.