The need to check what website ranking is not stable

after several months, core keywords finally in love Shanghai home, the Shanghai dragon ER, is a matter of how exciting. Yes, now the site optimization is not easy, too many competitors, each keyword has a lot of Shanghai dragon ER and you love Shanghai for the home page ranking. But this is only the first half of Shanghai Longfeng work, and there is the maintenance of keywords ranking stability. Before the light technology website Xiaobian encountered such an example, when optimizing a business website keywords, keywords in Shanghai love home, but after half a month and dropped to more than 30, I took ten days to optimize the keywords ranking again, in love Shanghai fifth, but a month later, the ranking lost, this is what causes the site keywords ranking unstable? Today light technology website Xiaobian share their opinions on this.

third, the chain is not stable. When a web site keywords ranking up, most of the time we stopped the website optimization work, basically not to send the chain. In fact, most of the time the chain is not stable, love Shanghai each big update, part of the chain will be deleted also love Shanghai, caused the chain is not stable, the chain is less, will cause the website keyword down, so when the site keyword ranking dropped, we need to be in love Shanghai Webmaster Platform view chain is reduced. The chain is not stable, including Links, most of the time, when we exchange Links, other website weight is still good, but the love of Shanghai after the update, some websites will be right down, our website will be the site right down the drag, causing the site keywords decline, because Links is the main keywords of the anchor text chain. So when the check of the chain is not stable, important.

first, I want to say is the website space problem, the stability of the site space this is a must, but a lot of time, many companies are using the website hosting cheap IDC, these servers are often overloaded, led to the server is not stable, there is not enough bandwidth to the server. The love of Shanghai was blocked by the spider crawling. So if your site keywords ranking is not stable enough, the first thing to check is the site space, we can view the site log for details.

second, the quality of website content is low, most of the time, for new sites, love Shanghai is taken care of, love Shanghai included new or good, generally not bad articles, love Shanghai will be included, so the new station every day, a few months later, the new features are good, but later, love Shanghai update, delete a lot of low quality pages, most of the time, the railway station will be substantially reduced, which is one of the major causes of the site keywords unstable, so when the site keywords decline, see website is down a lot. If so, that the content of the website quality, original content, you update daily high quality quickly, website keywords ranking will.