The use of four step strategy to win the final victory of the battle of Shanghai Dragon

The second step: improve its

the two title is doing very well, I think the title to Shanghai dragon written, more should be for you to write the user, this is the good title.

then we talk about the description and keywords describing the importance is not high, as long as you can put the site with certain words expressed on the line, you can add one or two keywords, but do not stack keywords. For the choice of keywords, this is the dividing line between success and failure, must use the love Shanghai statistical tools and other keyword mining tools, don’t choose too popular word, do not choose too popular words, and be sure to see other competitors situation in advance in the choice of words, understand the keywords only after careful selection, don’t blindly choose the popular words, because a new haven’t the ability to do these words.

er a lot of time a lot of Shanghai Longfeng this step is ignored or despised, they believe that the chain is the world, then jump to the third step, crazy hair of the chain, the result has not let a new profit is k, that is how the tragedy. So, a new station on the line, do the strategic deployment of this step will start to really perfect website content optimization. So what should to improve

? ?

The first step: the strategic deployment of

I think the most important is: to improve the content, standard URL, and 404 to 301. In fact, these are the problems but to a commonplace talk of an old scholar, fuck.

I think that a win the final victory of Shanghai dragon Er are using the "four step" strategy, the four step is: strategic deployment, improve its outward, rise beyond the opponent. Every step of which is very important, as long as there is a step to do well, this battle will end in failure, I will be here to share the concrete content of the "four step" strategy, I hope the great God Bozhuan exchange.

is a Shanghai dragon battle without gunsmoke, like, is the loser, the winner will get the favor of the goddess of love Shanghai, the loser is always only in the ranking of the abyss, No one shows any interest in. Every Shanghai dragon Er is a soldier in the Shanghai dragon battle again how to beat

each one has just launched a new station like is just one of the soldiers on the battlefield, the soldiers will face this cruel war, as the saying goes: not ready for war is a failure. So, the first step is to deploy our strategy. The new strategy can be divided into three aspects: the title, description, keywords selection. We begin with the title, the title is a new website image, a good title should have distinctive characteristics and unique purpose, can use the word "Shanghai dragon blog" cut a figure we look at: