The writer who is in love with the sea K off site experience


Changsha website optimization company at the end of April took over the ABCD educational website of a customer, one of the A B money website and self into a little bit more, the other two Education Station keywords nothing competition, less money, I had not put these two websites in your heart.


station site was K and included the date and number of recovery. The site was K, will cause analysis.

well, the reason is basically the same, but the site has been K, but each have their own misfortune. In this paper, I will own website optimization among those who have been dropped out K analysis, telling themselves at the same time, also hope to help you.

took over the site, the first is the keyword research, modified Title simple code, the website structure, adjustment, the hair of the chain, here I will not waste words. Two months later, the four overall site closed >


server: server space is relatively stable, but I love a station tool IP check the domain name, the cup.

two, laziness led to bitter taste of their own

contact site optimization time is slightly long, the overall site keywords ranking are good, the heart also immensely proud thought, this is the only website optimization.

, was careless leaving troubles

chain, mainly by the classification of blog, forum and ask the auxiliary way not to be right down, and the chain number no more than three digits, can be excluded.

this is just a few of these sites, associating with this website, the IP address of the station is about 90% with gross altitude. The site is K, is also reasonable. It did not pay attention to optimize the website server, and finally a sieve, and to move into the site, long recovery period.

Pictured above is the The The

article, all is the author of a word knock up;

entering the Shanghai dragon industry, received a station optimization, the key word is XXktv. I also had as many web site optimization personnel, see Shanghai love index, related search volume, look at the front page and page two of the competition website generally, and the optimal one month to go home. This website is also in about twenty days to optimize the home page, because the keywords competition is not big. In the next two months, the little maintenance look, keywords are still very strong. Until one day, the boss suddenly said: "XXX, your web site keywords for all fall down." I feel a moment, go to the cup.

website optimization excessive: so I check the chain ah, website structure, code not found traces of excessive optimization.