Analysis of the five ways to make your new search engines fast

Keywords method The

C:yahoo: focus on key words and the chain.

for new sites to add the robots.txt files, when your station built, do a good job in this file is a must, the search engine will find the root directory of the web site have this file, if you agree to all search engines to crawl your site, you can put into the empty folder.

fourth methods: the chain

then how to make the new fast search engines? We have to understand the characteristics of various search engines.

based on the above situation, the keyword of the website, the chain, the content is several aspects need to pay attention to the novice webmaster, in accordance with the law in order to make the search engine search engine faster to know your site, here is around these points to introduce new fast search engines:

second: the new web site submitted to the search engine

B: noble baby: pay attention to the content of the website and the chain;

website has been submitted to the search engines, web site keywords are ready, content is built, the next step is to increase the chain high weight to the site. According to the different search.

when we put our website built, so you need to do is to submit your website to the search engines, such as: love Shanghai, noble baby, YAHOO, some of the search engines you must submit, because a new established search marketing will not take the initiative to find your site. Of course, we have submitted to the search engine website, search engine is not immediately included, it also requires a period of time, so we need to wait patiently. This included from submission to, but also the need for a period of time, usually takes 1 to 4 weeks. You do need to optimize your station during this time included.

website, which you must do a full investigation, the key to your site and related content, consider the user’s perspective on the feasibility of keywords, determined after not casually changed.

third methods: set the keyword of the website

is the first method: add robots.txt files to the new website

A: love Shanghai: focus on keywords and web site outside of the chain;

we as a webmaster, at the beginning of the establishment of the very hope that our website with the fastest speed to be included in search engines, I want to do a webmaster friends have had this experience, anxious to see a few times a day, we look forward to the station to be included. But how to make the search engines fast included your site? Here is to introduce five new search engine included method, want to give you the Webmaster Help, make our website with the fastest speed included.