Good search to the sudden good user experience to connect the life better

some time ago 360 joint cool joint venture to enter the mobile phone industry, the industry is already in trouble raise a Babel of criticism of. Now, 360 search and officially changed its name to search, come so suddenly, so fast. The new LOGO with the previous 360 search is completely different color composition. Behind this sudden, we can still go to think about the meaning behind the name search 360.

is now a vast bad times, is also a good time. The bad is that now users have been spoiled, can no longer tolerate bad products. For example, we shop in the electronic business platform, more than one day has not received the goods, we will be very unhappy. When using APP, we will have very high requirements on the UI interface, the user.

market performance is good, the subsequent development of more brand

introduced in the 360 search, as 360 is more likely to enter into a new field of business projects. Now the platform development is good, they are now considered the possibility that a brand to operate independently, the future will separate out cooperation with foreign brands, the future independent spin off is not possible.

had reached when Zhou Hongyi announced the search field, it is generally not optimistic about Shanghai, feel the love in the domestic search position no shake, and then accompanied by soso, Sogou example, a decline of four. The market reaction to the surprise of many people, but also lovemaking was hit in the face. Just two years, 360 search PC market share has exceeded 30%, the market share of the mobile terminal has been increasing rapidly.

transform, in order to better user experience

search field, when the market has been an absolute supremacy, a new brand in such a short time accounted for more than 30% market share in the world have no precedent. 360 search can so fast growth, or can explain 2 questions. The first is the user of the existing search engines are not very satisfied with the other 360 team really tough. We see the old domestic search engine, soso and Sogou, with a love for so many years, Shanghai is no way, other search engines will not take for example. There is a "famous" search engine of the story, we all know, there is not more to say.


360 search is now good, but the same industry can seckill other products? Obviously, not, so there is still a huge space for development in the future of search engine. In the early stage is good, 360 must be more human and financial resources to do 360 search, and now the 360 search and just in the era of change, then the brand needs to be more independent. We now see Sogou and soso, when the Sohu and the Tencent into the search field, will take independent brand operation. Until now, Sogou is independent, foreign cooperation will become more open, the development path of brand will be more broad.