Eight Tips for web user experience more refined

as a web site you can not unilaterally think, I can give the user.

what value, or what value is the value of high quality and inexpensive? Users think, users feel worth, then it is not worth a farthing. Web copywriting should focus on improving product and service. A very simple example, Jingdong purchase appliances, sales of the first products will not appear as high quality and inexpensive, value and other similar words, similar words will only appear in a treasure, or personal shopping malls.

enterprise QQ consulting some sites on the left, on the right but also a love Shanghai bridge, then in the middle of a pop-up button consultation. But ignored: if the user does not want to consult, pop is nothing more then the truth! Do not understand: consultation is the condition of users "browsing" if not browse consultation, this value is very low, it will let the user rejection. The floating window position to do a consultation window is good, it is all along with the rolling screen window consulting.


four: the use of digital images

two: do the sales terms

Very high

three: login to download


interactive website design

also is the "download" countless download sites are "false download" phenomenon, for such a station, users fooled once is enough, the next time you will be blacklisted,

said above is a floating type window, and the starting page in consulting the actual product page is recommended to set up some more, especially focuses on the position of an embedded screen: 1.5.

: please consult

is worth? buttonThere is a window of



website design about the user experience, good user experience is essential to enhance user loyalty. Most of the user experience of the website only stay in the design level, the details are not doing enough embellishment. This article, ten small skills, let your website user experience more refined

value of the information you can set the "login" or "login to download", but for general information, we recommend avoiding such operation! Now the Internet has so many resources, where users can not find? Unless those truly scarce resources. What is more, some of the forums, ordinary text messages will do on encryption, eventually lead to a substantial loss of

as a user, no more time to see your website dense text, in the main landing page should enhance the visual effect, such as pictures, flash, there is the "digital" such as: our products are sold in 128 countries; 201X won the XXX Award; 80 process control. Especially some impressive numbers, but also enhance the user’s trust! For example A5 marketing Shanghai Longfeng diagnostic services: