Analysis of Shanghai dragon white hat optimization development trend and strategy

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I do not know what time from the beginning, in Shanghai Longfeng optimization circle will optimize the website into white hat and black hat methods, like software engineering in the white hat and black hat test test method, test process in software engineering, the difficulty of testing to the white hat is much higher than that of the black hat test the difficulty, but can be found BUG software may exist from the code level. In the same circle of white hat optimization optimization difficulty is much more difficult than the black hat, this is to let a lot of people do not want to use one of the reasons for white hat optimization.

So from the perspective of love Shanghai

white hat optimization analysis

so in Shanghai Longfeng optimization, which is difficult to optimize the white hat? I think mainly involved in white hat optimization too is too wide, and the need to manually complete the optimization but every little bit, but in the process not only to optimize the workers with loneliness ability, as well as the optimization of workers in the the white hat optimization in innovation, can see some details of the optimization problem from love Shanghai optimization guide, so as to improve the optimization effect, these are white hat optimization problem.

innovation on the algorithm, for the development of Shanghai dragon optimization circle, the future is still in the white hat optimization, because the core guiding ideology of white hat optimization is to enhance the quality of the website, but also improve the overall quality of the Internet, apparently to avoid the white hat optimization of black hat optimization increases the risk of Internet spam sites at the same time, also has the lasting power for the future development of the website.

compared to black hat optimization white hat optimization, for optimization of workers obviously will be more simple, the key is that there are a lot of black hat optimization tools, these tools can let Shanghai Longfeng staff achieve optimization optimization of pipelined, thus greatly enhance the work efficiency, but the software optimization way is very easy is love Shanghai discerned, such as station group software optimization, black chain optimization tools, the use of these tools seems to enhance the site’s ranking in a short time, but once it was love Shanghai see cheating content, quickly blocked or punished, in fact black hat optimization has a great risk, especially it is even more so in the current love Shanghai algorithm constantly intelligent today.

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white hat optimization relatively is quite difficult, but in most cases, as long as the Shanghai dragon optimization workers maintain a common heart, but also a persistent heart can be optimized in the end cap. Because of various methods from white hat optimization, such as content correlation, correlation between the chain and the user experience of the website, content quality, optimize the work frame structure is a continuous process, take the user experience of the needs of users in different periods, the user for the website’s needs are not the same, so the white hat optimization is a long-term process, if not a common heart and insist on heart >

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