2014 is a crucial year for efficient transformation of Shanghai Longfeng thinking

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believe that many webmaster friends have had this experience before, to build a website, want to get good rankings, only need to live outside the chain of hair a lot, and then update the content to the law, as long as the network did not repeat the line, soon to get the search engine rankings, to do to do nothing more than the few skills, relying on the accumulation of the number to show the site’s ranking, now, these have become a thing of the past.

Shanghai Dragon technology that is not much, not much said, almost; from the early owners of excessive dependence to today’s resources to support the resources both human and financial resources, and material resources, all need the support, here we only discuss technology on material support, high quality content for example, now says that you write an own cudgel thinking content, allowing the Internet expert to write an original content, level set immediately are all able to get, why? Because every webmaster technical experience, learning ability and life experience is different, the quality must write out the original content the difference is quite large. Now compare the reality is: the most personal Adsense specific personal knowledge is not how, in order to get a promotion website, can be ranked rapidly, that the content and the chain of the original can, so every day to write an article that the "original" look, it looks great. But the owners do not know their stuff is not attractive, and may even have someone else already know, is nothing more than making the text of garbage.

so, Shanghai Longfeng problems encountered and the gradual change of technology in the practical work, a content output change, quietly do not believe, you know, look at the net shell network and so on, every day they.

always need some social and historical events to have enough impetus to promote the progress of the whole industry, so it is, too, life in 2014 this year, 360 from the rapid search, to love Shanghai "white paper" published, and the next action series, require owners must have action, things have changed. With the same operation really be left behind.

behind the times

external: soft Wen, is nothing more than the index, keywords, long tail, included, K station, optimization, flow, chain, content, the original, but is also the release of the local library, forum, blog, and so many Post Bar can place, now the forum to reduce weight even invalid, plus the forum administrator management, the chain will be more difficult, library, encyclopedia, quiz, blog platform becomes more and more strict control, ordinary owners have been unable to operate the release of the chain, the more important is: Post homogenization too serious a problem on the network, or those who did not have after all is said and done, fresh quality the contribution of these days will be with the development of network and the increasingly high demand has been gradually facing elimination.

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