Aether report 2016 capital favored electricity providers entertainment sports entrepreneurial proj

[TechWeb] April 6th news reports, Ethernet capital founder and CEO Zhou Zijing said to TechWeb, now has more than 300 monthly new project financing in the etheric platform, directly related to the real business, entertainment, sports and other fields and the upgrading of consumption, the number of projects since 2015 Q3 rose sharply. At the same time in the past 3000 months in the lead of the roadshow, investors are constantly working with the founder of the field related to the meeting, investors concerned about the growth rate significantly.

physical electricity supplier: opportunities to highlight the breakdown of

Zhou Zijing said that from the beginning of last year, Q4, the number of physical electricity supplier brand began to continue to grow. 2015 Q3, the proportion of brand projects in the physical electricity supplier in all projects accounted for only 12%, in 2016 Q1 was up to 41%.

in the field of vertical electricity supplier, the focus of attention from the vertical category of vertical population vertical. 2016 Q1 vertical electricity supplier for the people on the Ethernet platform by the investor’s attention (browse) compared with the Q4 chain in 2015 grew by 248%, compared with Q3 in 2015, an increase of. A large number of people oriented vertical electricity supplier projects into the capital market, covering women, art lovers, 95, the middle class and other types of crowd.

text content as the starting point of the electricity supplier in 2015 Q3, Q4 have emerged, more high-quality projects to get angel investment. Zhou honorifics, taking into account the 3-6 month financing window period can be expected this year, an angel round window closed, similar projects will be very difficult to melt the angel.

cultural entertainment: venture capital was

Ethernet platform data show that the number of projects in the field of cultural and entertainment projects, investors concerned (browse and roadshow) related data since 2015 Q1 began to climb. Especially from the beginning of 15 years Q3, investors have significantly increased the degree of concern.

content production project is currently the capital market by the enthusiastic attention, until this year, Q1, the number of projects, accounting for the number of investors browsing roadshow 2015 Q1 grew more than 300%; the contents of the output from the morphological point of view, a short video, network drama, movies, network, network big red cartoon industry has the opportunity; capital will continue to favor has continued to produce high-quality content (including the new network red) and the ability to efficiently create a super IP, to achieve sustained liquidity targets.

with the type of content producers continue to enrich, improve the channel demand, from this year, Q1 began to emerge out of a number of new channel service providers; the field of mobile live competition, not broad track has become the Red Sea competition, angel or A round of game player to have the opportunity to.

to improve production efficiency of the third party tools to be accompanied by the increase in the degree of capital concern, Q1 this year, compared with last year, the average number of Q3 single project roadshow increased by 50% (Q4 affected by the holidays, do not compare).