Love Shanghai remind website security risks how to remove Trojan

this time we should as soon as possible to solve the problem, or seriously affect the user experience of the website, users in Shanghai in search of love, do not open the website directly to pass, causing the site to flow less and less.



the above content is completed, submitted under it, the time of 1-2 days under normal circumstances, Shanghai remind the lifting of the love.

second, this time to find the site in Shanghai in search engine, and then click on the visit, this time will pop up a reminder to tell you the website page, there are security risks, as follows:

first, this time must go to the site to check the site space of the source file, to see if there is a Trojan file, if it is not found, can see the website file upload date, recently uploaded file is a Trojan, Trojan file this time to delete, and then modify the password out Web space FTP.


in the optimization of the web site, we should be met, the website in the Trojan, then find the relevant page of the website in love in Shanghai, the title of the site will be below the Shanghai love friendship remind: "love Shanghai reminds you: this page may be due to hacking and security risks." the following figure:

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There is a complaint link

above is my depressed when the website optimization methods to solve the problems, I believe a lot of newcomers also don’t know what to do, I hope to see this article can help.


third and above, this time click, jump out of a page, as shown below: